This is Linux training as well as RHCSA preparation for those who are in need and give a realization of how important Linux is as an open-source Operating System. In this course, we are learning Rocky Linux open-source Linux Distribution. My goal is to teach Linux to as many people as possible to have a solid understanding and have a successful career path in their life. 

Git is a revision control system. Such systems enable keeping a coherent development history for a project, and make it possible to revert to earlier stages when problems are found. When more than one developer is involved, revision control systems provide a workflow for cooperative development and reconciliation of conflicting contributions.

LFCS is ideal for candidates early in their Linux system administration or open source career. Candidates should have completed training in Linux system administration. On this course we will focus on Ubuntu distribution(18.04).

In this course, we will discuss networking concepts and connections, file transfer, name resolution, time coordination, web, remote connections, and email servers. We will also focus on networking administration topics like network security, package management and virtualization.